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Low Cost Home Insurance – Five Ways To Get It

The following will make you get low cost home insurance…

1) A higher Deductible will guarantee you low cost home insurance. A deductible is an amount an insured is bound to pay before his insurer becomes duty-bound to fulfill the terms of their policy. The lowest deductible in home insurance is around $250. You’ll easily save up to 12% on your premium if you raise your deductible from this base amount ($250) to $500. If you choose to make it $1000 you could easily save up to 24%. Some insurers may offer more or less so check with your agent before you make this decision.

2) You can save a lot if you buy more than one policy from the same insurer. This could attract discounts of up to 15% from some insurers. Please, bear in mind though that you may save much more by having different policies with different insurers. You can only find out by getting quotes from different insurers for your policies and then compare them with what you’ll get as multi-policy discounts.

3) Do not add the value of your land when buying your home insurance policy. Home insurance is to protect what could be lost or stolen. No matter what happens, the land on which your home is built will still remain intact. Don’t forget to give the value of your home minus the land when you apply. This is because doing otherwise will mean you’ll be buying much more than you need. As you well know, buying more insurance means paying more whether you need the coverage or not.

4) How well secured your home is will attract some savings too and lead to low cost home insurance low cost home insurance. You could save about five percent if you have dead-bolt locks and burglar alarms. With some insurers discounts of up 20 percent are possible for some more advanced security systems. To qualify, though, such special security systems have to be those approved by the insurer. The high discount you get may not be worth it since these special systems cost quite a lot.

5) An insurance quotes site will present quotes that show a wide range in prices. Getting quotes from up to three sites should take you not more than 15 minutes. Make sure that you input the same (correct) information about yourself at each site visited. Giving incorrect information will produce misleading quotes. All you have to do next is simply choose the quote that gives you the best price/value low cost home insurance from the quotes you’ve obtained.